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BLB GROUP plays a leading role in the photovoltaic industry, supported by a solid track record of international achievements, cutting-edge technology and worldwide presence.The company is specialized in 360º PV turnkey solutions for EPC projects, in­cluding development, financial advice, project management, production, con­struction and operation and maintenance (O&M).BLB GROUP’s adaptation capability and its advanced technical qualifications allow the company to stand out in this fast-moving industry, covering all the PV segments: ground, rooftop, small generation and off-grid installations.As a customer oriented company, BLB GROUP becomes a first-class partner in terms of safety and trust, transforming solar energy into real and profitable busi­nesses. We go along with you during the whole process, step by step.BLB GROUP is based in Morocco  and has presence in 8 countries over 3 continents (Europe, Latin America, and Africa). To date BLB GROUP has participated in the implementation of more than 300 MW of photovoltaic solar energy worldwide.

1| Project Development

We seek new opportunities to develop outstanding PV projects, transforming solar energy into real and profit­able businesses.

2| Financial Advice

We create or improve financial solutions for PV invest­ments.

3| Project Management

From A to Z, we plan all the process taking care of ev­ery detail to guarantee the utmost project completion.

4| Construction Management

Our track record shows Excellency in all the projects, from large ground-mounted to the most Innovative rooftop or BIPV projects.

5| Operation & Maintenance

We provide a complete Operation and Maintenance (O&M) to guarantee the production of the PV install.



BLB GROUP is continuously moving forward to adapt to its clients’ requirements and analyzing the international market’s trends in order to be always ready to offer the most appropriate PV solution to each client, anywhere in the world.BLB GROUP is able to adapt:

•   To the project: offering high quality solutions from one single phase to its comprehensive execution

•   To the investment capacity of each client in each moment

•   To the markets: identifying in advance the market trends and PV opportunities all over the world and being always ready to seize them

•   To the performance needs: adapting it to the required output level to optimize its clients’ investment


Complete Services. BLB GROUP is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement, construction and beyond, BLB GROUP’s team of experienced experts can provide:

• Viability Studies

• Financing

• Permitting

• Project Development

• Engineering

• Construction


BLB GROUP’s priority in each project is to guarantee the profitability of its client’s investments.The company offers its work and experience to its customers depending on their needs, not only integrating products and services, but also providing added value so that its clients entrust BLB GROUP with their investment with total security.

These are BLB GROUP’s Trust Pillars:

•  Its satisfied customers

•  Its solid track-record of international achievements

•  Its unparalleled delivery times

•  Its total reliability based on cutting-edge technology  and advanced technical qualifications


BLB GROUP has extensive experience in ground-mounted installations,  offering  a  complete Turnkey  service  from  the location of suitable land and the management of all the legalities, to the supplying of equipment, construction, connection and the subsequent operation and mainte­nance of the project. BLB GROUP is a company of acknowledged experience in the delivery of ground-mounted projects in unparal­leled delivery dates thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology adaptable to any circumstance, to a skilled and motivated team devoted to your project and to the know-how of a global EPC player. More than 301 MW over 100 ground-mounted instal­lations producing clean solar energy worldwide attest to the company’s expertise in ground-mounted photo­voltaic plants.BLB GROUP is prepared to use any kind of technology – fixed structures or solar trackers with one or two axis – with the highest quality standards to build affordable ground projects with the best return and guarantees.


As an inclusive EPC provider, BLB GROUP is able to re­tain their position as a single point of contact for all solar energy needs. BLB GROUP’s in-house team of experts strives to pro­duce top-notch and innovative solar designs by select­ing components based on highest standards in reliabil­ity, extendibility and low failure rates. BLB GROUP’s comprehensive experience ensures cost effective engineering solutions for even the most com­plex projects. BLB GROUP has the ability to deliver projects on-budget and on-time due to their immense experience providing global EPC services. This absolute efficiency and organization guarantees accelerated in­vestment recovery in the long run.

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