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At the beginning of foundation, WSE owns the dream and mission of Technology Lightens Future and we have always been focusing on the LED street lights, landscape lights and other LED outdoor lights.

WSE has formed a professional and ambitious marketing group, which created efficient networks covers both domestic and overseas market.

WSE has executed projects successfully in over 20 countries in Western Europe, East Asia and North America. Every staff in the marketing group in fully trained by R&D Section, that guarantee them understand deeply about product, and could provide suggestions to help customers.


There is no excellent hero, only excellent group.


With smooth cooperation and communication, professional technique support, powerful production, marketing group is ready to provide excellent service to customers all over the world.

WSE always bears in mind the dream Technology lightens future. We firmly believe that where there is dream, there is future.

We’re clear that only through creativity can the dream come true, and the lighting environment where people live can be more comfortable and better.

Only in this way WSE can undertake the role of LED intelligent lighting power.

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